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Dust Collectors

Schenck Process Dust CollectorsSchenck Process offers a portfolio of industrial air filtration products that are accepted for a wide variety of dust collection applications throughout the world. Based on the technology developed by Mac Process, which has set the industry standard in the USA for over 40 years, Schenck Process manufactures and supplies bag and cartridge filtration products suitable for a large range of air flows. Schenck Process has considerable experience controlling dust in process areas which reduces the potential risk of explosion. When handling explosive dusts the range of filters can be fitted with a variety of explosion protection technologies such as explosion venting, flameless venting or suppression, to suit specific site or material requirements.

Schenck Process

Positive Displacement Pumps

PSG positive displacement pumpsPump Solutions Group (PSG®) delivers value-added positive-displacement pumps and systems that serve customers requiring the safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable materials. PSG features world-class pump brands that are passionately committed to innovative technologies that will positively impact the world. Many of its brands have built long-lasting relationships by solving customers’ problems for over a century. Its brands continue to advance and innovate technologies by developing market-driven solutions that are practical, sustainable and efficient while ultimately enhancing its customers’ value proposition through a product portfolio of fluid transfer solutions.

pump solutions group

Valveless Flow Control

seepex valveless flow controlProgressive cavity pumps are well suited for any application where flow control is necessary due to their valveless design, controllable flow and low pulsation. Various ranges of progressive cavity pumps can precisely meter and gently convey fluids of any viscosity, in a wide range of temperatures (especially with even wall stators), with or without solids. A progressive cavity pump self-primes and provides much better flow control. Capital, energy and maintenance costs will be lower, especially with Smart Conveying Technology. SCT reduces service time by up to 80 percent.


Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Due to high reliability and accuracy, low maintenance requirements, low power consumption and insignificant pressure loss, electromagnetic flowmeters (magmeters) are among the process industries’ preferred flow measuring devices. The diagnostic options offered by magmeters like the OPTIFLUX are especially interesting. Visit the Electromagnetic Flowmeter Technology Portal to learn more.



Slipstick-for-Industrial-Applications_320x180The horizontal-motion conveyor offers several advantages over other types of conveyors used for transporting bulk materials horizontally during processing. A horizontal-motion conveyor can smoothly and efficiently move a huge variety of materials, such as polymers, hot potash, borax crystals, potato chips, and breakfast cereal, without damaging, segregating, stratifying, or aerating them. Visit the Conveying Technology Portal to learn more about horizontal-motion conveying and its applications.

Triple/S Dynamics

Oil Skimming

Oil skimmers are simple, dependable and effective tools for removing oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons from water and coolants. Often, an oil skimmer by itself can achieve the desired level of water purity. In more demanding situations, oil skimming is a cost-effective means of removing most of the oil before using more complicated and costly treatments such as coalescers, membrane filters, and chemical processes. Visit the Oil Skimming Technology Portal for more information on oil skimmers and related equipment.

Sight Glasses & Sight Flow Indicators

Weld-on_High-Pressure_Sightglass_640x360Sight glasses are a low-cost and reliable means of observing processes and reactions in vessels. Types range from glass discs that mount between gaskets to sight glass windows in which the glass is fused to metal frames. Sight flow indicators are used to observe flow of liquid, gas or powder. The various styles include ANSI flanged or threaded bulls-eye style, full view (tubular), sanitary and Teflon-lined flow indicators. Visit the Sight Glasses & Sight Flow Indicators Technology Portal to learn more.

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