Horizontal Motion Conveying

Nearly a century ago, horizontal motion conveyors began making an appearance in the mining industry. As early as the 1930s, companies such as Overstrom and Sons (which would eventually become Triple/S Dynamics) were manufacturing drives that generated a slow-advance/quick-return motion. These devices would become the basis for today’s horizontal motion conveyors.

A breakthrough in horizontal motion conveying was achieved in 1974, when Triple/S Dynamics engineered a whole new drive utilizing rotating unbalanced elements. This new design delivered the same slow-advance/quick-return motion of the earlier drives, but with the added benefit of mechanical simplicity and inertial balance. When attached to a horizontal trough, this dependable new drive opened the door for a wide range of applications for horizontal motion conveyors.

Triple/S Dynamics has a history of engineering innovation, and the mechanical conveyors we manufacture are no exception. From the first horizontal motion conveyor test unit in the early 1940s to the Slipstick® Horizontal Motion Conveyor introduced to the food industry in 1982, from the smallest footprint to over 200' long, Triple/S has been at the forefront in designing new ways to convey.

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