Positive-Displacement Pumps for a Wide Range of Fluid Transfer Applications

PSG®, a Dover company, delivers value-added positive-displacement pumps and systems that serve customers requiring the safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable materials. PSG features world-class pump brands that are passionately committed to innovative technologies that will positively impact the world.

PSG’s strength comes from our people, our values and our global pump brands, which include:

Many of our brands have built long-lasting relationships by solving our customers’ problems for over a century. Our brands continue to advance and innovate their technologies by developing market-driven solutions that are practical, sustainable and efficient while ultimately enhancing our customers’ value proposition through a product portfolio of fluid transfer solutions.



Positive Displacement vs. Centrifugal Pumps In Transfer Operations in Chemical Manufacturing

Centrifugal pumps have a long history of use in chemical-manufacturing operations, but for fluid-transfer applications a better choice is positive displacement pump technology.


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