Guide to Sight Glasses and Sight Flow Indicators

Sight Glasses


Sight glasses are a low-cost and reliable means of observing processes and reactions in vessels. Types range from glass discs that mount between gaskets to sight glass windows in which the glass is fused to metal frames. Considerations include, pressure, temperature, mounting style, accessories, type of glass, and type of metal. All are covered in the Sight Glass Application Handbook.

Sight Flow Indicators


Sight flow indicators are used to observe flow of liquid, gas or powder. The various styles include ANSI flanged or threaded bulls-eye style, full view (tubular), sanitary and Teflon-lined flow indicators. A guide to selection of sight flow indicators in chemical and pharmaceutical applications is in the Sight Flow Indicator Handbook.

Sight Glass Lights

Vessels and pipelines are usually too dark for level detection and to observe the characteristics of process media. Lights mounted on sight glass windows and ports are essential. There are many types and selection criteria. Consult the Sight Glass Lighting Handbook for application advice.

Sanitary Fittings

Sanitary fittings connect pipelines/tubing or sight glasses in process systems where hygienic requirements are a priority and a quick disconnect is needed for cleaning and inspection. Select stainless steel fittings based on precision and a smooth finish.

Gauge Glass

The reflective properties of gauge glass help operators see fluid level. Replacement gauge glass comes in standard sizes, along with gaskets and mica shields.

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