SEEPEX Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified progressive cavity pump (PCP) manufacturer located in Enon, Ohio, USA and a wholly owned subsidiary of SEEPEX GmbH headquartered in Bottrop, Germany. As a leading global supplier of products and services for conveying and controlling a wide variety of media, SEEPEX is committed to offering solutions to even the most extreme pumping applications.

For more than 40 years, SEEPEX has provided optimum economical solutions to the chemical, environmental, oil and gas, food, paper, and numerous other industries. Pumps in Tricam, 6L and conventional rotor and stator geometry convey a wide variety of media with low to high viscosities, with or without solids, from mild to acidic, and with a variety of characteristics such as abrasive, gaseous, foamy, sticky, or delicate. With SEEPEX, all things flow. SEEPEX‘s state-of-the-art modular design system comprised of 8 product groups and 27 ranges allows the adaption of every pump to the needs of an industrial sector, a specific company, a site of operation, and the product being pumped.

When investing in a pump or a complex pumping system, the purchase costs constitute only a fraction of the total investment. In developing and designing each pumping recommendation, SEEPEX commits to minimizing total operating costs. SEEPEX original parts ensure the quality of a pump, reduce unnecessary costs in the future and most importantly will minimize the lifetime cost of the equipment. All services have one objective: to give SEEPEX pumps a long, trouble-free life and to give the satisfaction of knowing a pump will last far longer than average yet cost far below average.

SEEPEX will continue to consistently expand our selection in the future by opening additional market segments and developing more award winning and innovative products and services.

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SEEPEX Introduces: Intelligent Metering Pump

The programmable, precise and pulsation-free Intelligent Metering Pump (IMP) design is now available from SEEPEX.


SEEPEX’s MD metering/dosing progressive cavity pump line has been a staple of SEEPEX product offerings for decades. In an effort to continually improve on what is being offered, SEEPEX is proud to announce the Intelligent Metering Pump (IMP).

The new IMP design incorporates an Electronic Programming Module (EPM) memory chip on which parameters can be pre-configured. This makes replacement of a drive simple, quick and accurate. Simply insert the EPM chip from a previous drive into the new one for no downtime between stop and startups. A drive reset to factory default or customer settings takes no time at all. When the EPM equipped drive is used on a line containing multiple drives with identical setup, programming the entire line takes just minutes.

Each unit has a keypad on the controller lid equipped with operator elements for H-O-A selection, manual speed control, display of pump speed/RPM or flow, fault indication and the ability to change factory settings. Various accessories can easily be connected to the drive via the control terminals on the terminal strip inside the controller. A control module is also available as an option but it isn’t needed when accessories are wired directly to the terminal strip.

“At first glance this is just a metering pump with a VFD, but the IMP is different,” states SEEPEX Inc. Marketing Manager, Daniel Lakovic. “The new design is up to 30% lighter and provides better performance with no starting issues. The largest MD pumps can operate over 18 hours at 60:1 performance without overheating. The vertical fins help with cooling.”

The IMP design is available for SEEPEX MD metering and BW1 and BW2 wobble pump sizes and compliments SEEPEX’s comprehensive line of pre-engineered chemical metering systems. SEEPEX chemical metering systems are for simple plug and play installation.

SEEPEX Announces New Website and a “New Look”


SEEPEX is proud to announce the release of a new website! Along with the technical update, SEEPEX is refreshing its look by incorporating a new logo. The new look reaffirms the company’s objective to provide its customers the highest quality solutions. A company-wide rebranding effort will begin taking place in November of 2014.

The website offers an initial glimpse into what we are working to accomplish with the reveal of the new SEEPEX identity.  SEEPEX is now written in capital letters.  The new logo looks powerful, confident, and modern.  It further communicates that SEEPEX is not just a manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps, but a world leader in complex application and customer-specific solutions.

With more than 700 employees in twelve offices worldwide and customers in over 60 countries, SEEPEX is fulfilling a vision of gaining a top market position and reputation.

In recent years, SEEPEX has vigorously invested in its future:

2012 – Expansions of the American ISO 9001-2008 certified subsidiary including new production, warehousing and office facilities

2013 – Modernization of stator manufacturing areas for increased operational efficiency in the American facility

2014 – German headquarter expansion, including a new office building, which follows the philosophy “ALL THINGS FLOW” in its architecture and design to enable close cooperation and efficient processes

Global communication today is digital, and the internet connects colleagues and customers around the world. The new website is a resource and education platform for finding custom solutions.  SEEPEX is proud to expand its digital reach via the new website and is looking forward to continuing to globally supply products and services for nearly every industry requiring fluids handling and processing solutions.

SEEPEX ALPHA Chemical Metering Systems win Processing Magazine’s 2014 Breakthrough Product of the Year Award

Breakthrough Awards

Processing magazine, part of Grand View Media Group, published online and in its monthly publication the results of its 2014 Breakthrough Products of the Year awards, of which SEEPEX ALPHA Chemical Metering Systems is a recipient. The Breakthrough Products of the Year awards recognize products, technologies and services that made significant contributions in the process industries within the last year, and are expected to impact the industry for years to come. This is the second year in a row that SEEPEX has received this esteemed award.

SEEPEX began offering customizable pre-engineered skid systems for use in a wide variety of liquid chemical dosing applications in 2012. Since then, ALPHA chemical metering systems were developed and introduced as standard options for plug-and –play installations, primarily in water and wastewater treatment facilities. The award demonstrates SEEPEX’s dedication to innovation and exemplary attention to detail in order to optimize customers’ systems, boost productivity, and lower operating costs.

“What always strikes the editors in working on the December issue is how many of the companies are from the manufacturing heartlands and have been supplying equipment and instrumentation to the processing industries for many, many decades,” says Processing Editorial Director Kevin Parker. “These companies tend to be very engineering focused and are constantly called upon to supply their solutions in novel configurations and settings, while keeping pace with a host of new computing and software developments. Their ingenuity and innovation in doing so delivers results for their clients and deserves recognition.”

ALPHA Chemical Metering Systems by SEEPEX

Accurate, Less chemical consumption, Pulsation free, High quality components, All things flow


SEEPEX’s new series of standard ALPHA chemical metering systems are designed for simple plug-and-play installations. Installation is as straightforward as connecting three pipes and plugging into a 115 Vac power source. The systems come in five standard skid configurations: simplex options (one pump, wall or floor mounted), duplex options (two pumps, wall or floor mounted), and triplex option (three pumps, floor mounted).

Included are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certified progressive cavity metering pumps which offer several advantages for chemical metering due to the principle of the pumping elements. A metal rotor rotates inside a rubber stator, forming two cavities at the suction end of the stator. As one cavity closes, the other opens forming progressing cavities from one end of the stator to the other. The compression fit between the rotor and stator prevents siphoning and back flow. The pumps are self-priming, pulsation-free and will not vapor lock. No pulsation dampeners, back pressure valves, or check valves are needed.

ALPHA systems handle pressure ratings up to 175 psig and flow rate capabilities from 0.1 GPH up to 70 GPH. Turndown capabilities are 600:1. Regardless of the chemical source tank location, installation remains flexible due to suction lift capability of up to 35 feet. Complete skid assembly includes a mounted unit with pump(s) and gearmotor(s), control panel with controls for flow regulation, calibration column, relief valve, instrumentation and piping. Systems offer local or remote operation with H-O-A switch on NEMA 4X Control Panel with VFD as well as complete protection from overpressure. Control inputs/outputs also include clear power and pump running indication lights, flow command, running speed control, flow rate indication and fault alarms.

The ALPHA systems are for use in a variety chemical metering applications. Accurate, non-pulsating, and repeatable flow capability results in tighter control and chemical consumption reduction. All skid components are chemical resistant and will hold up in harsh environments. The systems safely deliver thin to highly viscous liquids and withstand corrosive and solid laden chemicals. Key chemicals handled include:

• Aluminum ammonium sulfate
• Aluminum Sodium Sulfate
• Aluminum sulfate
• Aqueous Ammonia
• Bentonite
• Calcium carbonate
• Calcium chloride
• Calcium Fluoride
• Calcium hypochlorite
• Copper sulfate
• Ferric chloride
• Ferrous chloride
• Hydrated Lime (Calcium hydroxide)
• Magnesium hydroxide
• Magnesium sulfate
• Polyacrylamide
• Potassium permanganate
• Soda Ash (Sodium Carbonate)
• Sodium bisulfate
• Sodium fluoride
• Sodium hydroxide (Caustic)
• Sodium hypochlorite
• Sodium metabisulfite
• Sodium silicofluoride
• Sodium sulfite
• Sulfur dioxide
• Tricalcium phosphate

SEEPEX Metering Pumps Receive NSF 61 Certification

SEEPEX metering pumps are now certified to meet the NSF 61 standard for use in treating water and wastewater. SEEPEX pumps are certified safe to use for sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfate, potassium permanganate, sodium silicofluoride, calcium fluoride, polymers and most other chemicals commonly used in water and wastewater flocculation, clarification, sterilization and buffering.

The NSF Standard 61 for “Drinking Water System Components-Health Effects” is the ANSI Standard for drinking water system components. It is intended to minimize any negative effects on the health and safety of the public and the environment. The certification process required toxicity and leaching tests with actual pumps and components with the actual chemicals. All pump components that come in contact with pumped material must be traceable back to the mill, foundry or chemical plant producing the raw materials. Vendor certification requires periodic audits of the production facilities, actual parts and purchase records.

NSF International led the development of these American National Standards and is a global independent public health and environmental organization that provides standards development, product certification, testing, auditing, education and risk management services. This mark of distinction assures customers that SEEPEX pumps are safe for use in drinking water processes and is a substantial move forward for SEEPEX in the environmental industry.

More on the NSF 61 standard is available here.

NSF/ANSI 61 Standard Certified Progressive Cavity Metering Pumps Help Breakthrough Water Disinfection Device Deliver Chemicals Safely for Municipalities

NSF/ANSI 61 Standard Certified Progressive Cavity Metering Pumps Help Breakthrough Water Disinfection Device Deliver Chemicals Safely for Municipalities

Most municipalities use governmental regulations as guidelines to establish and maintain their own basic standards as “Best Practices” for water safety. A prime example of this is the story of Ferrate Treatment Technologies LLC (FTT), which partnered with SEEPEX Inc., a manufacturer of the only NSF certified progressive cavity metering pump on the market to build a commercial device that represents a fundamental breakthrough in the water disinfection industry.

Die Cast Lubricant Manufacturer Benefits from Progressive Cavity Pumps

SEEPEX is deeply involved in the chemical industry. Although many processes seem obvious fits for a progressive cavity pump, others are a bit less common. Progressive cavity pumps (PCPs) are particularly well suited for chemical applications due to their valveless design, controllable flow and low pulsation. The term for this innovative use of PCPs in such applications has been coined “valveless flow control.”

Meet Chemical Bob

SEEPEX Chemical Bob

Robert H. Chemical had a successful career as an applications engineer. He spent his days analyzing technical pump data, answering phone calls from customers, filling out purchase orders and staring out the window of his second floor cubicle at the vast industrial park his facility had just recently expanded onto…

SEEPEX Solves Magnesium Hydroxide Problem with Innovative Smart Conveying Technology

A leading technology company engaged in the worldwide development, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art propriety technologies for air pollution control, process optimization and advanced engineering services tried to use several different kinds of pumps to get the job done, but in the end SEEPEX BN range progressive cavity pumps complete with Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) proved most effective, reliable and economical, all while providing the easiest maintenance and longest service. The N range SEEPEX progressive cavity pump is the most common SEEPEX progressive cavity pump.

SEEPEX Chemical Metering Pumps Save Water Treatment Plant Time and Money

For a water treatment plant in Norfolk, Va., a SEEPEX hypochlorite pump turned out to be superior to previously used models because the pumps are reliable and service friendly, which means less downtime due to repairs. The pumps offer significant cost savings, up to $5,000 a year in repairs alone. The pumps can operate against high pressures without pulsation, will not vapor lock and are protected from dry run and overpressure to maximize the lifecycle costs of the pump.

Intelligent Metering Pumps

Intelligent Metering Pumps

SEEPEX Intelligent Metering Pumps (IMP) integrate MD and BW progressive cavity pumps with a gear reducer and a programmable vector drive. The drive used on IMPs integrates a single reduction gear box, a four-pole, TEFC, inverter-rated electric motor and a “vector” type, variable frequency drive in a NEMA 4 enclosure. External or specially fabricated control enclosures are not required for dead head or dry-running protection instruments. Installation is no more complicated than a typical home stereo. Download this brochure to learn more.

Chemical Metering Systems – ALPHA

Chemical Metering Systems – ALPHA

SEEPEX’s new ALPHA line of standard chemical metering systems are for use in a variety of water treatment applications including, but not limited to: disinfection (chlorination/chloramines), coagulation and flocculation.

SEEPEX metering systems complete with controls and frameworks for floor or wall mounting include the following plug-and-play installation options: simplex (one pump), duplex (two pumps), and triplex (three pumps) for floor mount only.

Stop treating the symptoms and fix the problem. Progressive cavity pumps have virtually no pulsation and won‘t vapor lock or require a gas off valve. Our progressive cavity pumps are superior in quality, performance, service life and operating costs.

Speed Up. Smart Conveying Technology.

With the “Smart Stator Technology”, created in 2008, SEEPEX introduced a conveying solution which significantly reduces maintenance, assembly and dismantling times for your pumps and allows substantial cuts to pump life cycle costs. By separating the Smart Stator into two halves, we radically optimized pumping technology. Download this brochure to lean more about Smart Conveying Technology.

Product Groups and Ranges

Product Groups and Ranges

SEEPEX makes progressive cavity pumps with a characteristic feature: the conveying elements are formed by the intersecting geometries of a helical rotor and a double internal helical stator. They are manufactured using a modern quality management system that satisfies the highest technical specifications, and are manufactured exclusively with the most modern technologies. Each pump is designed according to the unique requirements of the industry sector, application and product being pumped. Download this brochure to learn more.

Progressive Cavity Pumps for Aggressive Chemicals

SEEPEX offers a wide range of options and materials to handle particularly aggressive chemicals. Invariably customers’ chemicals and processes tend to be unique, as every company tries to differentiate itself from competitors. Selection of the correct combination of materials is critical to any successful pump installation. SEEPEX wants to do its best to make every installation a success. SEEPEX metering and dosing pumps are normally constructed of stainless steel, but are also available with plastic (UHMW or CPVC) bodies. All of these pumps have NPT connections. Flanged connections are available at extra charge. Download this brochure to learn more.